Savannah Taylor is an African American Defense Attorney with a Manhattan Law Firm. In the 10 years she has been with the firm, she has never lost a case, but success comes at a price. Working long hours, the torment of empty relationships, reliant on drugs and with a sister who despises her, Savannah's life couldn't get much more complicated. That is until she is handed a new case. Dante Jackson is a high-profile heavyweight boxing champion who has been accused of the murder of his girlfriend. While defending Dante, Savannah discovers several murders in Vega that all occur while Dante was in Vegas. Savannah struggles with defending her client or proving that he is a murderer. And what at first seems like an open and shut case turns out to reveal twist and turns at every corner. Savannah risks the safety of her loved ones to uncover the truth behind the murders. Innocent Truth and Guilty Lies is a tension-filled, page-turning story of murder, hate, love, and revenge.

Innocent Truth & Guilty Lies