What Motivates You?

Today there are some many motivational speakers, all providing sound advice. But what should you look for when it pertains to motivation. If you are standing still nothing happens. Once you start to move, things begin to happen. Motivation is what helps us to move in order for things to start happening. I don’t believe in that what motivates me will motivate the next person. You must first evaluate and discover what motivates you. Listening to motivational speakers are great but until you understand what motivates you, they are speaking empty words. There are many times I have listened to motivational speakers and what they say, I already know and they are not providing me with anything new or motivating. This may not be the case for everyone but I sincerely believe motivation begins with you.

My motivation comes from my relationship with God. Thinking about God loving me and giving me the gift of his grace and mercy causes me to start moving. I no longer want to stand still. When I am not feeling motivated and I don’t want to move, I pick up my bible and read a verse. That provides motivation and inspiration. Even though I feel that this should work for everyone, it doesn’t. Take time to make a list of things that motivate you and evaluate how to keep those things present in your life. Sometimes your motivation is not about you. Helping someone else can provide you with motivation. Being humble and not requiring the limelight can also be motivating. Motivation is not always about being front and center.

Also make sure the things that motivate you are positive. Negative things and situations can move us to action and that can be negative motivation. This also applies to people. Make sure you are only surrounding yourself with positive people.

In conclusion, understand what drives you, what motivates you and what inspires you. This is part of your makeup and you need to know who you are and what makes you tick!

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