Dust Your Boots Off

There are so many that are products of their environments.  They have grown up in poverty, broken homes, abuse, neglect and the list goes on.  We hear the horror stories daily.    Out of all of this comes two types of people; the ones who let these circumstances define who they are and the ones who dust off their boots.  Today I want to talk about the ones who dust off their boots.

It is so easy to let our circumstances define who we are and more difficult to step in our destiny.  First, you have to understand that you are destined for greatness and believe it.  Also, you must know that greatness does not always mean money, house, or a fancy car.  Greatness means understanding who you are and getting past the obstacles that hold you back.  Dealing with your demons and exorcising them.   This can come in the form of therapy, support groups or whatever helps you face the demons.  You can’t step into greatness until you face those demons.

Living in these situations is painful and so many do not want to deal with the additional pain of facing their demons; so it is easier to hide the demons and let the circumstances define who you are.

I promise you it is not an easy journey but so worth it in the end.  It is true that nothing worth having comes easy.  My personal testimony is this; I let those demons have full control over my life for a long time.  I was ok blaming my circumstances for the outcome of my life.  Then one day, I was saved and started developing a relationship with God.  I started to understand that I am fearfully and wonderfully made: marvellous are thy works;  I am the work of God! It was at that point I realized that it was time to exorcise those demons and step into my destiny.

I am not trying to convert you; I am just sharing my story.  You find what works for you and dust off your boots and step into your destiny.

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