A Mother’s Heartbeat

Sharing something I wrote while thinking about my son:

My healthy heartbeat was made up of three beats. These three beats allowed me to breathe. These three beats gave balance to my life. They helped the blood to flow through my veins. October 4, 2013, I developed a hole in my heart My heart now stops beating for a moment and there are only two beats. But I go on. At first, it slowed me down tremendously. I had to pace myself because of the missing beat.  But as always I look to my healer, In Christ, I find my strength But I think every day about the hole in my heart! Will I ever be healed? Or do I just learn to cope with my heart ailment?

I have been working out daily to strengthen my heart: 1. Healthy Diet — picking up the Word daily and letting it minister to my heart 2. Healthy Meditation- praising and thanking God daily and praying daily

My strength does not replace the hole in my heart, it just allows me to grow stronger in spite of it.

I share this because there may be another mother out there that has developed a hole in their heart and I just want them to know that there is hope when it seems so hopeless — But God!!!

Missing my Brian!!

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